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RHÔNE ALPES – One of the first questions buyers ask …


What is the weather like?

This is clearly one of the important factors that dictate where you would buy a second home or indeed where you’d relocate to work and live.

In the Rhone-Alpes we have many micro-climates due to the mountains and lakes but I think it is clear that if you like “weather” then this is a great place to live. The seasons are very defined, warm, balmy springs, hot, intense summers, warm, lazy autumns and cold, crisp winters – when it rains it rains, when the sun shines it shines and, of course, we are lucky to enjoy snow in the multiple world famous ski resorts of the region.

If you would like to see a quick overview of the weather around France then you may find the below chart interesting, as a benchmark the average number of sunshine hours in the UK last year was 1,341 and the average amount of rainfall was 1,335 mm’s.

Lyon (Rhone Alps)
Sunshine hours – 2,085
Rainfall – 914 mm

Sunshine hours – 1,702
Rainfall – 622 mm

Lille (Nord Pas de Calais)
Sunshine hours – 1,540
Rainfall – 897 mm

Rennes (Brittany)
Sunshine hours – 1,783
Rainfall – 785 mm

Strasbourg (Alsace)
Sunshine hours – 1,821
Rainfall – 609 mm

Dijon (Burgundy)
Sunshine hours – 1,919
Rainfall – 778 mm

La Rochelle (Poitou Charentes)
Sunshine hours – 2,230
Rainfall – 762 mm

Bourges (Centre)
Sunshine hours – 1,931
Rainfall – 690 mm

Bordeaux (Aquitaine)
Sunshine hours – 2,139
Rainfall – 846 mm

Perpignan (Languedoc Roussillon)
Sunshine hours – 2,612
Rainfall – 449 mm

Nice (Provence Alps Cote d’Azur)
Sunshine hours – 2,928
Rainfall – 800 mm

Contributed by: Heather Byrne – Regional Manager Rhône Alpes – Leggett Immobilier