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La fête du lac

Fete du lac

The summer has arrived! Daytimes spent hiking and biking in the mountains, followed by a swim in the local pristine lakes, then BBQ filled evenings with a bottle of rosé and sunset lit Mont Blanc. Does summer get better than this?

Yes it does! All through summer are various events, one of which many of the lakes host a “Fête du Lac”.  Beginning with activities, displays, concerts, food and drink, then the main event, a spectacular firework display where mountains echo whistles and explosions and lakes reflect illuminations.

For a more pampered experience, you can pre-book a dinner cruise on the main lakes where the biggest fêtes take place: Lac Leman (Geneva), Lac Annecy or Lac du Bourget (Aix les Bains):

Better still, you can have your very own private viewing spot – in one of these divine lake view properties for sale:

Lake Geneva:

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Lake Annecy:


Lake Bourget: